Monday, July 15, 2013

Writing Portfolio

As I draw closer to needing to find a job doing something I’ll have a degree for, I’m realizing that it’d maybe be a good idea to have samples of my writing in easily accessible places for potential employers to look at.

And so, because I didn’t end up using The Wordforge for what I had originally planned, I’m converting it into a blog where I upload my past work. All of it is completed (or in the cases of novels, the chapters themselves are complete, even if I haven’t finished the story), although in a rough form. Most everything was written for school and/or off a prompt, and it’d be great to revisit them at some time in the future to try to bring them up to par with my more recent work. Which is why I’m tracking the “last edited” dates. You can see how old a work is and how well it compares to other work I’ve done.

Anyway, I’m slowly but surely working on getting my works added to the blog. So check ‘em out if you like!


  1. You should be really careful about this, especially if you plan on submitting any of the work to lit mags or publishers. The vast majority will not publish anything that's been published online already, even on personal blogs.

    1. That's really a fair statement, and I've heard that. Honestly, that makes me a bit apprehensive about some of the short stories I'm going to be posting. However, I think I'm going to continue since A) anything I'm really dying to publish is incomplete and I won't be posting it anyway, B) the finished project of one won't be viable in a print medium anyway, and C) I'm fairly certain that e-publishing an anthology isn't out of the question.