Friday, April 27, 2012

DaLadybugProductions is underway!

Hey, everyone!  Andy here, AKA DaLadybugMan, and I've decided to officially start a blog and account for...whatever it is I'm doing with "DaLadybugProductions."  I wouldn't call it a personal blog.  More of a blog for me to talk about my projects and interests.  Some projects will be executed on separate blogs, other will just be part of this blog.  And I have a lot of projects.  Let me give you an example:

Ongoing Projects

Urban Legacy (Legend of Zelda urbanfic--working title)
ZombieCon '18 (original fiction)
A secret project that I can't talk about since it needs to remain secret to most people who would be following me now.
Operation Stirling (an upcoming multi-blog project that I'm part of and currently in charge of)

Projects on Hiatus

Preconfessions of a Potential Brony (video series)
Digibridged (A Digimon "abridged series")

Upcoming Projects

A lot of various reviews and writing projects.

This isn't even everything.  Just an overview.  So yeah, I figured I'd give my random ranting about these projects their own blog so that anyone interested can keep track of my progress.


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